• The Best Affiliate Programs for Content Creators and Instagrammers in the Business Niche
    By VENNDY Last Update: November 29th, 2021 To: Business Comments
    // Wondering how to monetize your Instagram account as a business advisor or an online digital content creator? There are a few ways for content creators in the business niche (coaches, business owners, bloggers, Instagrammers, and influencers) to make money online via their Instagram, blog, and other channels. As a blogger you are probably familiar with affiliate marketing as it is very popular and voted one of the top two revenue generators for publishers – second only to ads. But if you are not blogging or have just started out, learning more about affiliate mark...
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  • 10 Payment Tools for Small Businesses
    By Last Update: January 18th, 2022 To: Business Comments
    Online shopping and online payment processing are fast becoming the new normal, and it would do your business well to expand your payment processing capabilities to suit the needs and preferences of your customers. There are so many payment tools for small business when it comes to receiving and processing payments. But some live in countries where the payment platform is not accepted. Others may not be equipped with the features you need to grow your small business. It’s possible that these payment processors don’t exactly fit. So it’s time to review these payment tools for your s...
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  • How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate for SMBs
    By Last Update: January 24th, 2022 To: Business Comments
    When you are a one-man-show, running your business requires learning and knowing many new skills. It is always easier to hire a team of specialists for each role, but until you get there, you’ll need to do your best in knowing something about many aspects of running a business. Before we start, let’s first understand the 5 stages of the consumer decision-making process. You, as a business, meet your potential customers in different stages of their journey. Creating different entry points will help them join your sales funnel regardless of their stage and help you nurture t...
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