• The Best Affiliate Programs for Tech Digital Content Creators and Instagrammers
    By VENNDY Last Update: July 27th, 2023 To: Tech Comments
    // Wondering how to monetize your social reach as a creator in the technology niche? There are a few ways for content creators in the tech niche (Instagrammers, business owners, bloggers, and influencers) to make money online via their Instagram, blog, and other channels. As a blogger, you are probably familiar with affiliate marketing as it is very popular and voted one of the top two revenue generators for publishers – second only to ads. But if you are not blogging or have just started out, learning more about affiliate marketing is an important stage and will h...
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  • How to Choose the Right Software
    By Last Update: February 8th, 2023 To: Tech Comments
    You want to use the best software for your work—everyone does. Whether you're a cook or a web designer, well-made tools make your work more efficient, and more fun.  But choosing the right software isn’t easy. From price and implementation timelines to vendor stability, software compatibilities, and ease of use, you must balance many different aspects. You are picking a solution to last for more years, so it should use the modern technology with a clear development for integrating new technology over time. Every seller will give you a dozen reasons why their solution is the rig...
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