6 Top Tools Every Blogger Needs

By Stefanie Amini Last Update: June 1st, 2023 To: Bloggers Comments

As a blogger, you work tirelessly to write great content that is not only engaging, but also useful to your audience.  However, in order to be really successful, you will need some cool tools to help you manage all aspects of your blogging business, including the actual content. Here are six awesome tools that every blogger needs.

This feature rich organizational app has every part of planning and organizing your blogging business covered. With it, you can assemble notes from a variety of other platforms, use your phone to store some vital documents and put them in easy to do lists. You can always be on time regardless of where you are. What makes Evernote a fantastic app is that it can be synced with all your devices. So no more excuses keeping up with your editorial calendar.  

You will need to do some marketing for your blog on social media. For the obvious fact that you want to catch a wider audience and attract traffic. However, there are many social media platforms that you will need to target and this can be an arduous task for many. With Sendible, you will be able to schedule your posts and ensure that they are posted in a timely fashion across the social media platforms that you are targeting. There are other such platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite, but we like this one.  

Trello helps you, as a blogger when it comes to planning and organizing content. It provides an easy to use interface that ensures that you can create cards and sort them into a number of columns. This makes it most ideal when you are experiencing random spurts of creativity since you can write simple notes, drop in your favorite pictures and also link to your cards whenever you are mapping your ideas. However, this incredible tool has its fair share of limitations, for instance, it can restrict you when you are creating and scheduling a timeline.

You will need to get your blog updated regularly, especially if you are running it for financial gain. However, for most of the time, you will need to do this while outside the office and this may make your data accessible to others who also access the web at the same spot as you do. Buffered VPN ensures that your information is protected anytime you access the internet. This ensures that your passwords, financial information and any other crucial information are kept well protected. In case of an infiltration, there is a likelihood that your blogging brand could be brought down, so you can remain safe with Buffered VPN.

VENNDY, collects your tips and experiences all in one place in order to discover, save, and share other user-curated collections of resources and reviews. The platform is completely peer-to-peer. It enables people to feature other people instead of editors of magazines. You can find and follow like-minded people already blogging and reviewing. If they like a certain hotel destination, and also a pair of shoes you also like, they might have other recommendations that work for you too. Whereas Pinterest is a place to collect items and places you want, VENNDY is a place for what you’ve done and bought already.  

Google analytics enables you understand where your visitors are coming from and the pages, which they are most interested in your blog. With this statistical tool, you will be at a position to target the right demographics based on your offering.

The resources that we put together are just among the many that are available.  Every blogger can count on them for success. From scheduling posts, protecting your valuable data and information, the above feature rich apps can be of immense help in ensuring the success of every blogger.
Now, get blogging, and share your content with the world.


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