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This post was written by Summer Telban and was originally published on Coffee With Summer Blog

VENNDY is a brand new social platform - a way to connect and engage with others over lifestyle content. I'm so happy to get to introduce VENNDY to you. It's hands down one of my new favorite platforms to use to connect with others.

I just recently joined and have started to get active on this great platform, but even in this short time, it's been extremely useful to me as a blogger and as someone who's simply passionate about living well and intentionally.

VENNDY - A marketplace for influencers, businesses and consumers to connect, collaborate and monetize

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm browsing around on one of my favorite blogger's websites, I almost always find myself asking questions that I wish I knew the answer to. The thing is, it's not always easy to find the answers! I'm always wondering what kind of hair products a blogger uses all the way to what some of their favorite places are to shop are. You know what's here to make this all a bit easier? VENNDY


VENNDY is all about collection, connection, and collaboration for and between people. VENNDY is a user-generated content platform that focuses on contextual connectivity. It offers a new way to share the right content in the right context with the right audience. Using its proprietary algorithm, VENNDY offers users a multi-layered connectivity system which consolidates the best of stories, items, and people to follow. To learn more about what VENNDY is all about, READ HERE.

So, let me explain about VENNDY in my own words now. When I first heard of VENNDY, my mind automatically went to jump to compare it (in a good way) to Pinterest. Though, I quickly learned that VENNDY offers more than Pinterest does when it comes to connecting and engaging over lifestyle interests. On Pinterest, you'll find boards containing products that people wish to have or places people wish to visit. Whereas on VENNDY, you're getting that plus some!

On top of others' categories of inspiration, you're also seeing firsthand what products they already use and what places they've already been to. That's what makes VENNDY standout among the rest - it serves as the platform to connect and engage with what others are already using or doing. From favorite restaurants, to favorite products, to favorite places to visit - you'll be blown away at how much you'll have to connect with others over.

VENNDY - One glimpse on a user's profile and you know how like-minded you are

So, if you're wanting to know what beauty products an influencer uses, check out their VENNDY. If you're wanting to know their favorite coffee shops in NYC, check out their VENNDY. It's that simple!

Again, I just recently joined VENNDY, so I still have so much to explore with their platform, but the amount of potential I see in this platform is huge. In the photo above, you can see what some of my top interests are since joining VENNDY - beauty, inspire (blogs), fashion, and living. These circles are automatically displayed from most-interested to least-interested when you go to someone's profile. This helps to show you right away if you'll be able to resonate with someone's content or not.



Besides the obvious answer that I'd like to say (everyone), VENNDY is hugely helpful for bloggers and passionate lifestyle users. 

  • Bloggers // As a blogger myself, the benefits VENNDY offers to me is hands down awesome. They make it easy to organize certain topics, mood boards, and more, by having their "Stories" option. All "Stories" are is a board of all things that relate to that board. For example, above I'm showing my "Blog & Social Media Tips" Story. VENNDY Stories make it way easy to get down to the goods! Instead of searching through tons of fluff content on Pinterest, you can just head over to my VENNDY to get the good, actionable tips on blogging and social media.
    • VENNDY is also a great tool for bloggers to use to collaborate with one another. Fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, travel bloggers - you name it! You can benefit from using this platform in your collaborations. VENNDY Stories have two options: closed and collaborative. Closed being that only you can add to your own Story, and collaborative being that you and others you're collaborating with can add to the Story. Right now I have a collaborative story for Home Office Essentials - be sure to check it out and add to it if you work from home!
    • The carousel feature that they offer is perfect to insert into any blog post. This is extremely beneficial to fashion and beauty bloggers, but it can be just as beneficial to food and lifestyle bloggers, as well.
  • Passionate Lifestyle Users // Even if you're not a blogger, but you're highly involved online and actively engaged in conversations over your lifestyle, VENNDY is for you. You don't have to be a blogger to have influence in the online world.
    • Just like bloggers, you're able to use both closed and collaborative Stories. This makes all the difference when organizing your favorite shops to hiking trails in appropriate Stories. 
    • If you're passionate about how you eat, workout, or travel, you've got to get on VENNDY to share your passion and knowledge with others who are like-minded and others who need the education.

VENNDY is still in its beta stage right now, but in their next phase they'll be making it possible for you to monetize your knowledge and recommendations through affiliate marketing programs. How exciting is that?!

VENNDY - Using the extension helps you collect all your reviews and recommendations to one place


After you've signed up on VENNDY, you have to download the Chrome extension from the Google store. Then be sure to watch these quick YouTube videos on the Extension Tutorial and the Curating Stories Tutorial. After you've watched both of the videos, you should be all good to go to start curating stories and connecting with others.

In the photo above, it shows how easy it is to navigate and use the extension. All you have to do is input the title of the product/place, a few notes of your own, and if you wish, the description form the site the product/place is from. After you've done that, you add it to its appropriate category and voila, it's added to your VENNDY! Super simple, easy, and fun!

Here is a carousel of products created using VENNDY

I just can't get enough of the potential VENNDY has to seriously change the lives of online influencers and beyond. It's practical and collaborative, which means there's always going to be a heartbeat for community and growth. 

Here is a Story which includes a collection of gift ideas gathered from suggestion of the VENNDY Community:


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