Creating a Shop Tab

A shop tab has become an important component of creators’ content.
If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, or anyone offering services, you can help followers and customers easily find items you use and love.
By creating a complementary offering for your business, you can diversify your monetization sources through affiliate marketing and other marketing strategies.
In the following video we’re sharing how to create a shop tab so you can help your clients shop your favorite finds, whether you are an expert or just anyone passionate about sharing their experiences. 


With a VENNDY shop you don’t need to have your own products: there’s No inventory, No payment methods, No return policy.

VENNDY allows you to create an online "shop” with all your recommended items arranged, categorized, and sub-categorized in a shop-style navigation interface.

This can include items from a variety of categories and your own choice of affiliate networks as well as items you shared on your blog, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

You can refer to your shop-tab through:

  • Your one link in Instagram bio (with a linkable gallery that mimics your feed)
  • Pinterest and other social media accounts; and
  • By using VENNDY’s side-bar plugins on your website

This way, all the commerce-related information will be on hand for readers to check and buy whenever they are ready.

To learn more about the advantages of creating a shop destination with all your promoted products, read more on Create Your Online Affiliate Marketing E-Commerce Store and on Build an Online Affiliate Shop and Promote.


  • Start – Sign up to VENNDY – it’s free and easy – and learn how to start using the VENNDY LinkCollector.

  • Build – Start building your online experience-based affiliate shop by simply uploading items you want to promote, adding your affiliate link (when relevant), and arranging items into VENNDY Stories. VENNDY stories are just collections of items built around a lifestyle experience.

If you don’t have a blog, a VENNDY story is what you would have had in a blog post. Sharing experiences is a great way of connecting with others, and the items you share don’t all have to include affiliate links – they can also be articles, products, places, and services with no affiliate partnerships. Whatever helps shoppers gain value is a great bonus.  

  • Promote – Your traffic sources can be from everywhere you upload content to:
    • Your website/blog
    • Social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
    • Email marketing
    • Reviews
    • Forums and community sites

  • Sell everywhere – Use one destination, your VENNDY Affiliate Shop, to promote products to anyone, anywhere. It is a marketplace with reviews, experiences, and advice on any subject, all curated by people and, most importantly, not by an algorithm. It’s an online marketplace for inviting followers from social media, websites, forums, and community sites to shop your favorite tips and finds.

Having a shop of recommended products is about making an impact by helping others make better choices as you back up your promoted products with your own point of view and with details, ratings, and reviews.  This way you can help your community:

  • Discovernew products from smaller brands around the world.
  • Give feedback based on your experience.
  • Inspire them with your insights, knowledge, and combinations.
  • Introduce them to creators you’ve worked with and recommend.

Happy VENNing!