Creating Stories

A Story is a collection of Item Pages gathered around a certain subject. Once you create a story you can share its items:



To Create a Story Follow These 3 Easy Steps:

To curate a new story, you always need to start from an Item you uploaded yourself.

1. Go to one of your items and open it. 

Click the STORIES+ and then the CREATE A NEW STORY button.

2. Fill in the information shown in the pop-up: add a title, select a category, add your Story's description and Choose whether you want the item's image to be the story's cover, or upload an image from your computer. You can always go back and edit it later.

For Insta-Shop tab or mirroring view of Instagram, upload the same image you uploaded to Instagram. Then click on the CREATE A NEW STORY BUTTON.

3. Now you can add in additional items. To add an item to your story, go to the Story page and click the ADD ITEM button. Browse through the categories and sub-categories to find the item you wish to add, and then click on it. You can choose to edit the item if it was uploaded by you and then click on ADD ITEM.

Items can also be added directly from an Item Page by clicking the STORIES PLUS button and entering a few words in the search box. Pick the story you were looking  for from the filtered list below and then press ADD. The item is then added to the chosen story. 


You can always edit your stories by clicking the 3 dots. This will allow you to change the Story's cover image, the title, the description, and the open or closed settings and to save your changes. You can delete the whole story, or you can delete certain items within the story.

Happy VENNing!




VENNDY for Pros – Collaborative Stories

Stories can be either open or closed. All stories can be viewed by everyone. In an OPEN story anyone can suggest relevant items, but they will not be publicly visible until the curator of the story approves the addition; in a CLOSED Story, however, only you or those you invite to collaborate can upload items.

The purpose of Open Stories is to create a list based on crowd experience that can be constantly updated with new insights and the latest observations. This way users can collaborate on bringing helpful information to others. So you can share your own experience of the best dress for the coming summer, or the best serum for oily skin, with your own affiliate link, and collaborate with others to create the accumulate knowledge of many experienced people with first-hand know-how. Your affiliate link will not be simply dropping-in promoted products, but one of a few, each with its own advantages.

Once a user suggests adding an item to a story you curated, you will receive a notification. You can then either accept or decline directly from the notification drop down, or, alternatively, go to the story, open the item page, review the suggested content, and only then make the call.