• Monetization Strategies – PPC vs. PPA / CPC vs. CPA
    By Last Update: July 16th, 2021 To: How To Monetize Comments
    // Whether you are a business looking to grow traffic, a digital marketer, or a content creator looking to monetize, this post is for you. Digital marketing has its own language with a few acronyms that you should be familiar with.  CPM (Cost Per Impression), CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPA (Cost Per Action) are used to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of online advertising from the point of view of an advertiser. PPM (Pay Per Impression), PPC (Pay Per Click), PPA (Pay Per Act...
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  • How to Use Canva for Creating a Fully Customized Link–in–Bio
    By Last Update: July 16th, 2021 To: Venners Comments
    // Do you use a link in bio tool to support your social media marketing efforts? Link-in-bio tools are essential and effective for any brand trying to get web traffic to other channels and make sales through social platforms — and it’s important to find the best tool for you. We’ve written articles about why and how to optimize the one link you have in bio on social network platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Many social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, only let you place one URL in your bio. Regardless of what business you’re in, this poses a...
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  • 72 E-commerce Statistics You Must Know in 2021
    By Last Update: July 16th, 2021 To: SMBs Comments
    // 2020 was a turning point for e-commerce trends and predicted future growth. The following stats and data will tell you more about the impact of COVID-19 on global e-commerce, changing online buying habits, international sales, e-commerce advertising, worldwide shipping, and much more. If you were still doubting it, here are some key statistics, that will help you understand just how crucial it is to understand digital marketing and use e-commerce sales to grow your business. 1. By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce. (...
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  • How to Add a Link in Bio on TikTok
    By Last Update: July 19th, 2021 To: TikTokkers Comments
    // TikTok doesn't have many options for inserting links in your content. Like Instagram (unless you have more than 10K followers), TikTok only allows inserting one particular link in your bio. That link can be anything you want from a link to your blog, shop, Facebook page, VENNDY profile, etc.  Unlike Instagram, TikTok offers you a special place to link your Instagram account and YouTube channel beyond the link in your bio.  But not all users can see the feature for adding another link. You may even read contradicting information about who can and cannot add a link...
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  • How to Monetize on TikTok, and How VENNDY Can Help
    By Last Update: July 18th, 2021 To: TikTokkers Comments
    // In the past decade, social media platforms became an inseparable part of our marketing strategy as business owners, content creators, and influencers. TikTok is a newer platform that was launched in 2016 and became the "new thing," especially in 2020 during the pandemic and quarantines. As of 2020, TikTok surpassed over 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide and over 200 million monthly active users, making it one of the top 10 most popular social networks on a global scale. Many business owners and influencers joined the app to grow their audience reach and in...
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  • How to Monetize Your Free Content? For Digital Content Creators & Online Entrepreneurs
    By Last Update: July 18th, 2021 To: How To Monetize Comments
    // Should you share content for free? How much of your content should be free content? What kind of content should you share? Where should you share it?  If you're an online business owner, a digital content creator, or someone offering their services online, you've probably debated these questions at one point or another.  Free content means sharing valuable content with your audience without them having to pay. It doesn't mean you will not be making money on it! Now that so many are promoting personal brands, online courses, information, and knowledge, th...
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  • The Best 15 Tools to Start a Profitable Online Business
    By Last Update: July 18th, 2021 To: How To Monetize Comments
    // Starting an online business can be an overwhelming experience. You might have no idea where to start, what to do, which tools to use, and which may not be the best option out there. That's why we've created this list for you, with the best free/premium tools to start a profitable online business in the best way possible. We've divided the list into 4 segments: Content Creation Tools E-commerce Business Tools Content Marketing Tools Business Management Tools This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click one...
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  • The Best Independent Affiliate Programs for Travel Content Creators
    By Last Update: July 19th, 2021 To: Travel Comments
    A growing number of businesses realize the power of recommendations from their community members and are willing to compensate them for creating content and distributing it to their followers and readers. This is why many businesses in the travel niche are running self-hosted, self-managed referral programs. Some of them, as in the list below, offer unique experiences in dreamy destinations. By offering influencers and digital content creators to join their referral programs straight from their website, they are able to: Form direct relationships with the...
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  • How to Embed a Shop Tab Into Your Website
    By Last Update: July 19th, 2021 To: Shop Tab Comments
    // If you've been following us for a while, you probably know how much we encourage online business owners to diversify income sources. Why? Well, first of all, 2020 taught us how important it is not to have all of your eggs in one basket. If you are a blogger, don't settle only on income from ads or sponsored posts. If you're a course creator, don't settle only on sales of your course. If you are an interior designer using Instagram to promote your services, don't settle only on selling your time offering one on one work. If you're a small or midsized business owner, don'...
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  • 4 Simple Ways to Start Making Money With a Shop on Instagram Without Having a Store or a Website
    By Last Update: July 20th, 2021 To: Instagrammers Comments
    // You don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on Instagram. In fact, you can read here how content creators and influencers with 10,000 or less are getting the best results for businesses. If you are a business owner, a seller, or a digital creator thinking, "how can I grow my business using Instagram"? "how can I make money by monetizing my content on Instagram"? - read on. Whether you use Instagram to represent your own brand or promote a partner's brand, the tools we share here will help you make the most of your Instagram presence and social re...
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