• The Best Affiliate Programs for Yoga and Yogis Content Creators and Instagrammers
    By Last Update: June 1st, 2023 To: Wellness Comments
    // Wondering how to monetize your Instagram account as a yoga creator? There are a few ways for content creators in the yoga niche (Instagrammers, business owners, bloggers, and influencers) to make money online via their Instagram, blog, and other channels. As a blogger, you are probably familiar with affiliate marketing as it is very popular and voted one of the top two revenue generators for publishers – second only to ads. Plus, affiliate programs can help yogis learn about different kinds of yoga products. As well, affiliate programs can help show them about yoga ser...
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  • Why Should You Know About the History of Money?
    By Last Update: June 1st, 2023 To: SMBs Comments
    // There's so much change going around. Technology, workforce, monetary policies, and people's sentiment and preferences constantly transform how we think and live. Online shopping, transactions, and even how we work have shifted more online, raising the question of what's next and how we should adjust. If we follow the history of where the concept of money came from and how it evolved, it will help us also understand the next generation of online transactions and how we can follow the new trends. This article is the first in the series of how we should look at our online business as...
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  • How to Choose the Right Software
    By Last Update: February 8th, 2023 To: Tech Comments
    You want to use the best software for your work—everyone does. Whether you're a cook or a web designer, well-made tools make your work more efficient, and more fun.  But choosing the right software isn’t easy. From price and implementation timelines to vendor stability, software compatibilities, and ease of use, you must balance many different aspects. You are picking a solution to last for more years, so it should use the modern technology with a clear development for integrating new technology over time. Every seller will give you a dozen reasons why their solution is the rig...
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  • Best Instagram Captions for Brands
    By Last Update: June 1st, 2023 To: Instagrammers Comments
    // There are so many different ways to structure an Instagram caption. What works best for you will depend on your product, your personality, and what you want your post to achieve. So whatever your goal — whether it's driving sales, increasing engagement, or building your brand — each of the following examples should help spark your caption-writing creativity. Follow along for tips on writing awesome Instagram captions as well as a list full of ideas for your Instagram captions, regardless of what your post is about. First things first, let’s cover the basics. How do you write...
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  • How to Get More Views on Tiktok
    By Last Update: January 11th, 2023 To: TikTokkers Comments
    TikTok can be a powerful tool for increasing brand reach and awareness. But what are you going to do to get more eyes on your videos. The key to getting more views is understanding how the algorithm works and making high-quality content that feeds into it. This means the customization of the content of your videos, the hashtags, and the descriptions. We’ve got you covered. Read on for these essential strategies for getting more views on TikTok. 1. Add hashtags to your videos   Adding tags to your clips can help them get very recognized! It helps to explore a whole lo...
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  • 5 Ways To Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business
    By Last Update: June 1st, 2023 To: SMBs Comments
    // Overcoming your fear is one of the most difficult hurdles of starting a business. Starting a new business is such a leap of faith that it can scare the wits out of you; more so when you are leaving the comfort and security of a steady paycheck. There are a number factors that can bring fear to any would-be entrepreneur. Foremost of these fears is the fear of failure and taking a risk, and the disappointment associated with this failure or losing what you already have. Starting a business can be very scary, especially if you’re giving up a lot in order to jumpstart the busine...
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  • Must Know Instagram Updates and Features in 2023
    By Last Update: February 10th, 2023 To: Instagrammers Comments
    Instagram is always as it’s best. In 2021, Instagram has reached 2 billion active users worldwide. It is exciting to see how Instagram is rapidly developing new features and functionalities to engage in main business issues and help users support their favorite brands. And now, keeping up with what’s new on Instagram can be quite a challenge. There are new Instagram features almost every week. So, without further due, let’s have a look at all the nifty features that Instagram has rolled out recently.  1. Add Yours One of Instagram's latest features allows users to create public...
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  • How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate for SMBs
    By Last Update: February 10th, 2023 To: SMBs Comments
    When you are a one-man-show, running your business requires learning and knowing many new skills. It is always easier to hire a team of specialists for each role, but until you get there, you’ll need to do your best in knowing something about many aspects of running a business. Before we start, let’s first understand the 5 stages of the consumer decision-making process. You, as a business, meet your potential customers in different stages of their journey. Creating different entry points will help them join your sales funnel regardless of their stage and help you nurture t...
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  • 10 Payment Tools for Small Businesses
    By Last Update: January 11th, 2023 To: SMBs Comments
    Online shopping and online payment processing are fast becoming the new normal, and it would do your business well to expand your payment processing capabilities to suit the needs and preferences of your customers. There are so many payment tools for small business when it comes to receiving and processing payments. But some live in countries where the payment platform is not accepted. Others may not be equipped with the features you need to grow your small business. It’s possible that these payment processors don’t exactly fit. So it’s time to review these payment tools for your s...
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  • Instagram Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023
    By Last Update: March 6th, 2023 To: Instagrammers Comments
    It's important to know the latest Instagram marketing trends If you’re an Instagram Marketer. Half of the world's population are social media users and these people spend hours on social networks each day. With such a large user base, it can be really easy to get lost in the noise. And with 1 billion users, 90% of whom follow at least one business account in-app, Instagram is still one of the most popular social media platforms. Knowing the latest Instagram trends is a great way to make the most out of your business' Instagram presence and give your potential customers what they wa...
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